Cogitation: Go Out With A Bang!

Today is the last day of 2013
let’s celebrate!

*put on an outfit that makes you feel wonderful (even if you’re not going out)

*spend time with people you love (Skype or FaceTime if you can’t be face to face)

*make confetti or buy confetti and throw it

*glitter anything. This means do/wear anything involving glitter

*tell someone that you love them

*write down/think about 5 things you learned over the past year

*write down/ think about some goals for next year

*eat yummy food

*have a good time and choose to end the year on a happy note!


Cogitation: Twenty Thirteen

It’s the end of the year
it’s the perfect time for self-reflection
here’s some thangs I learned in 2013

1) Quitting my stressful mental health therapist job at a sketchy company was both awesome and scary. Scary because I lost a considerable amount of income and had to face quitting a job for the first time. Awesome because I went from 3 jobs to 2 and was able to lower my stress-level immensely and gain much peace of mind.

2) Family is important and should be cherished. Even if they are annoying sometimes, I feel better when I am close to my family than when I push them away (which I sometimes have the urge to do). I saw my close friends have with their family members that got ugly and unnecessarily out-of-hand–leaving everyone scarred. I also saw a family members get cancer and another get incarcerated at the most unexpected times and it is/was¬†really hard to cope with.

3) Money does not rule my life, I chose Social Work to help people–not to become rich. Disconnecting myself from my grasp on money has made me and will make me a better person

4) My best friend has a baby boy and another close friend got married. Newborns and weddings are wonderful!

5) I saw marriage through the lenses of two close friends and it reinforced for me that marriage is hard work and is something that should be entered into with much thought and should not be toyed with.

6) God-babies (specifically, mine) are the cutest, most wonderful joys in life and it is an honor and blessing to watch them grow! ūüôā

7) It is hard for me to stop comparing yourself to others and just do my own thing–but it is so worth it when I finally do get the nerve up to step out on a limb

8) I love spreading positivity, it helps me and others.

9) I have an EXTREMELY supportive network of friends, family members, and others who are the main reasons for my success.

10) I am valued and respected at work and that feels wonderful!

11) I can generate ideas and bring them to life in AMAZING ways (with the help of others)! I started BmoreMotivated, a  project to spread positivity in Baltimore and I created and coordinated a holiday food drive for my clients that collected over $3,000 to provide food baskets for families who would have likely gone without for the Thanksgiving and Christmas.

12) Four of my close friends started grad/professional school and I feel grateful to be surrounded by  women who are such inspirations.

13) I pushed my boundaries this year. I need to say no to some things and it is okay to have boundaries. But it is not okay to push those boundaries and stress myself out.

14) I have strengthened the relationships between me and my closest family members and friends and it feels good to the closer to the people who truly know my soul and understand and accept me. It makes sense

15) I am very critical ¬†(I didn’t just learn that this year, I have known for a while) and I need to understand that everything doesn’t need criticism or analyzing, it is okay to leave some things alone.

16) I am enough, even when I don’t feel like it.

17) I have been following a ton of blogs for several years now and I never had the confidence to start my own, and this past year, I started TWO! I am proud of myself.

18) Families are complex and complicated and even if I can’t always figure out why people are/are not doing certain things, those people still deserve love, support, and understanding.

19) I was the brokest I have ever been in my life this past year. I learned a whole lot of humility and I got a tiny glimpse into what many people (and many of my clients) experience every day.

20) Young people are my passion and I really believe investment in their futures will save and change the world if we all put our minds to it.


Inspiration: Live Passionately!

I am all about the idea of living out one’s passions
that is the exact reason I became a Social Worker
I came across this excellent article
here’s my favorite part

1. Passion starts from within. Know yourself and then you can find your passion.

2. Do it for yourself.

3. Allow your passion to open your eyes to the world.

4. Meet others with a shared passion.

5. With time comes mastery.

6. Identify yourself with your passion.

7. Do.

8. Understand that failing is learning.

9. Use your passion to change the world.

10. There are no limits and therefore never a final step.

Cogitation: Viva! Life List

I got my inspiration to make a life list from Nicole at the cute blog Making It Lovely
basically it’s a list of things I’d like to do in my lifetime but without the pressure of a bucket list
I am not actively thinking about the list or feeling like I “need” to cross things off it
it is subject to change at any time


* go to kenya
* visit at least one country on every continent
* go on a cruise with mom and sisters for mom’s 60th birthday
* live in philadelphia for a year
* go to The Maldives
* Take a random exit on the highway and see where it goes
* visit all 50 states (I have 13 so far!)
* go on a cruise with the BF
* go to Niagara Falls
* go to a rainforest
* spend a weekend in a cabin
* go on a trip with older sis
* go to the grand canyon
* go on trip with lil sis


* be a foster parent
* adopt a child
* have children naturally
* talk to dad at least once a week every week
* help lil sis pay for college textbooks
* help pay for college textbooks for both of my God Daughters


* live in an apartment with a balcony
* buy a house
* Paint every room of my house on my own
* have an art studio in my home
* have a garden


* start a service organization
* supervise social work student interns
* get my LCSW-C
* teach a social work course at a college or university
* teach a course in a prison
* be a mentor
* start a business


* crochet a blanket
* crochet a hat
* crochet a scarf (scarves I’ve made: here and here)
* make a handmade piece of clothing
* take a photography class
* make a quilt
* sell a crochet piece


* make homemade pasta
* be a vegetarian for at least 6 months
* eat authentic mexican food in mexico
* eat out at only new restaurants for 6 months


* give only handmade gifts for one year
* give $5 to a homeless person everyday for 30 days
* do a random act of kindness every day for 30 days
* donate at least 100 blankets to the homeless in one winter
* donate $100 to a different charity every month for one year


* Watch every movie Denzel Washington is in
* see a broadway play
* pay off all debt
* learn the thriller dance
* get dreadlocks (just started!!)
* take a self-defense class
* take a day to photograph street art in baltimore city