Cogitation: December Detox

At the beginning of the December (the 2nd day, to be exact) I decided to do some things to better myself and cleanse a bit before the new year. In the past when I have done these types of challenges, I have set unrealistic goals which eventually leads to me giving in under the pressure. I didn’t want that to happen this time so I set just a few guidelines:

*do yoga for 30 minutes every day
*drink at least 8 cups of water every day
*unplug from my cellphone after getting into bed for the night
*write in a gratitude journal every night

So far it’s been going well, I haven’t stuck to the guidelines exactly every day but I am enjoying doing good things for my body and I feel motivated to continue on for the rest of the month!

Additionally, my boyfriend came up with the idea late last week to do a 7-day vegetarian challenge, so from today until Sunday 12/15 we are cutting out meats and trying to make healthier choices. Let’s see how this goes!



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