Cogitation: Viva! Life List

I got my inspiration to make a life list from Nicole at the cute blog Making It Lovely
basically it’s a list of things I’d like to do in my lifetime but without the pressure of a bucket list
I am not actively thinking about the list or feeling like I “need” to cross things off it
it is subject to change at any time


* go to kenya
* visit at least one country on every continent
* go on a cruise with mom and sisters for mom’s 60th birthday
* live in philadelphia for a year
* go to The Maldives
* Take a random exit on the highway and see where it goes
* visit all 50 states (I have 13 so far!)
* go on a cruise with the BF
* go to Niagara Falls
* go to a rainforest
* spend a weekend in a cabin
* go on a trip with older sis
* go to the grand canyon
* go on trip with lil sis


* be a foster parent
* adopt a child
* have children naturally
* talk to dad at least once a week every week
* help lil sis pay for college textbooks
* help pay for college textbooks for both of my God Daughters


* live in an apartment with a balcony
* buy a house
* Paint every room of my house on my own
* have an art studio in my home
* have a garden


* start a service organization
* supervise social work student interns
* get my LCSW-C
* teach a social work course at a college or university
* teach a course in a prison
* be a mentor
* start a business


* crochet a blanket
* crochet a hat
* crochet a scarf (scarves I’ve made: here and here)
* make a handmade piece of clothing
* take a photography class
* make a quilt
* sell a crochet piece


* make homemade pasta
* be a vegetarian for at least 6 months
* eat authentic mexican food in mexico
* eat out at only new restaurants for 6 months


* give only handmade gifts for one year
* give $5 to a homeless person everyday for 30 days
* do a random act of kindness every day for 30 days
* donate at least 100 blankets to the homeless in one winter
* donate $100 to a different charity every month for one year


* Watch every movie Denzel Washington is in
* see a broadway play
* pay off all debt
* learn the thriller dance
* get dreadlocks (just started!!)
* take a self-defense class
* take a day to photograph street art in baltimore city


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