Cogitation: New Year, New Goals

It’s 2014
that’s cray
I am being cliche
making resolutions


1) Stretch the creativity of my outfits. I have a ton of clothes, shoes, & accessories yet I only wear a selected few of my favorites over and over again. I love fashion and style and it is important to me but I feel like I am seriously lacking in my outfit creativity. So I am challenging myself to not shop for clothes, shoes or accessories from today until April 1st. I know it’s gonna be hard, but I am going to thug it out and hopefully I can continue after April. The one exception to this rule will be potentially buying an outfit for my cousin’s wedding in March. In addition to not shopping, I want to challenge myself to incorporate at least one new thing (something that I haven’t worn in the previous outfit) in every outfit from now until April 1st. I am going to try to document my outfits so I can keep track and have something to look back on in April.

2) Explore religion. I believe in God but I do not currently identify myself as  part of any religion. I think religion is important and I really have been feeling like I need a stronger moral center, so I want to explore religion and see where that takes me.

3) Put more thought into what I put into my body. I have proven to myself, multiple times in fact, that I cannot stick to a specific diet but I do just want to start thinking more about what I am eating and drinking. I definitely need to drink more water.

4) Do more art. Art is and has always been so much of who I am and I have not committed much time to it in the past few years and I can feel it affecting me. I need to incorporate art into my life much more, it’s such a positive release for me.

5) Read more. This one is simple, I have been slacking and there’s no excuse for it, I must read more.




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