Cogitation: Art Journaling

Art has been a huge love of mine since forever
I haven’t spent enough time doing it
I am challenging myself
I made some prompts inspired by  this post on the lovely blog called A Beautiful Mess
here’s what I came up with:

1) What happened this week that was positive? Incorporate bright colors into your page(s).
2) What has weighed heavily on your mind this week? Draw whatever comes to mind.
3) How did you see beauty in the world this week? Collage some images that represent that beauty to you.
4) What do you dream about?
5) What were your highs and lows for the week? Use the colors that represent those feelings.
6) Journal about your travels. What feelings, smells, sounds, tastes did you get from those places?
7) Find an image you like and make it the focal point of your page. Fill the space around it with words/art.
8) What are three goals you have for yourself? Use several different art materials
9) Find a quote you love. Illustrate what that quote evokes for you
10) Do a color study on any color you’d like. Write about how that color makes you feel.
11) Write down song lyrics that you love.  Illustrate what those words mean to you.
12) Dedicate a page to your sisters. What do they mean to you? How do they make you feel?
13) Dedicate a page to your parents. What do they mean to you? How do they make you feel?
14) Create word art where the object is made up of the letters that spell it
15) Create an image that incorporates several different styles of art.
16) Incorporate several different patterns into one picture. Write about how each of those patterns describes something about you.
17) Write down 5 different ways to change the world. Do some freestyle art on that page.
18) Write a letter to someone you love.
19) Doodle until the entire page is filled.
20) Write 5 things you are grateful for. Create art around that
21) Play around with some different fonts. Write about where you want to be in 5 years
22) What does your soul look like?
23) Write down 5 questions you hate not having the answers to. Create around that
24) what is love?
25) Dedicate a page to plants/flowers.
26) Write a list of 50 things to be happy about
27) Draw a picture of something you see. Then draw that same thing without looking at the paper
28) Document all the colors of your oil pastels
29) Document all the colors of your colored pencils
30) Document all the colors of your markers
31) Document all the colors of your water colors
32) Incorporate fabric and sewing into your page.
33) Go outside and document what you see and hear and smell. Incorporate something from outside onto your page.
34) Draw several boxes or windows draw a different pattern in each one
35) Write a love letter to yourself.
36) Make a mandala and color it in.
37) Write about a”day in the life” of you. What did you do today? How did you feel?
38) Draw several windows draw a different outdoor scene in each of them.
39) Draw the accessories that you are wearing today.
40) Write a letter to your 16 year old self
41) Write a letter to your 40 year old self
42) Write down what you are currently: wearing, eating, thinking, feeling, wanting, reading, wondering
43) Draw an outline of a head. Fill it with whatever is on your mind.
44) Write down some “what ifs” that you think about.
45) Write a list of five things you lust after
46) Write a quote that you try to live by. Freestyle draw around that
47) Write down 10 things you want to do in the city you live in.
48) Write down a list of 10 positive affirmations.
49) Write a list of five things you’ve accomplished this year
50) Incorporate envelopes into your page fill them with trinkets or notes to yourself/others
51) Write down a list of things you want for your unborn child(ren)
52) Write down 5 of you’re fears and for each one, right a note to yourself encouraging you to overcome them

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Styleation: I’m All Over Overalls

I have been going coo-coo for overalls (not a cocoa puff fan)
I haven’t placed a pair of these bad boys on my body since about 6th grade
I’m a lil hesitant
I’m going to make some anyway after I find a pair to alter at the thrift store
these are my inspirations

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Inspiration: Count On It

I’ve always loved words
I’ve never really felt like a very eloquent gal
when I came across The Striver’s Row, I become obsessed
I can’t even handle the amount of talent & youth & social awareness they have
watch this:

Other Favorites from The Striver’s Row:

“Strive” Miles Hodges & Carvens Lissaint
“Doing It Wrong” Alysia Harris & Miles Hodges
“Harlem (After Miles Hodges)” Carvens Lissaint
“Baby Boy” Alysia Harris
“Beauty Part 3” Carvens Lissaint
“Dear Ex Lover” Jasmine Mans
“Waffles” Zora Howard
“Sing It As The Spirit Leads” Joshua Bennett