Cogitation: A Quarter Century


Tomorrow is my 25th birthday, which I really can’t believe. It seems like it came so quickly but then not so quickly at all. I love getting older, I know that’s rare, my friends think I’m crazy. I just feel like the older I get, the more I learn about life and I love that, every year has brought me new lessons. Also, I really can’t wait to have a full head of gray hair and have grandkids that call me MeeMaw, so every birthday gets me closer to that, hahaha. Don’t get me wrong, I love being young but I can definitely see the good in getting older.

So let’s do a lil recap of 24 and a little goal setting for 25!

In My 24th Year:

  • I traveled to California for the first time (and I got to go twice!)
  • Me and my boyfriend, went on our first big trip together to Miami
  • I learned that saying no and having boundaries really are the key to maintaining my sanity
  • I learned that sometimes friendships change and that’s okay
  • I learned that I cannot let other people’s issues stress me out, especially when the person experiencing the problem isn’t stressed
  • I learned that my employers really value my work
  • I started wearing crop tops which was kind of a big deal for me
  • I started dreadlocks and have been loving them ever since
  • I.went.skydiving!! nuff said

…and much more

In My 25th Year:

  • I want to save enough money to travel to Kenya for the first time
  • I want to buy a new car (not a new new car, but a new-to-me car)
  • I want to make some progress on starting an organization
  • I want to increase my entrepreneurial confidence
  • I want to do more community service
  • I want to save more money
  • I think I want to get a tattoo
  • I want to spend more time doing art

…and much more!!

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