Cogitation: 4 Things I’m Diggin’ Right Now


1. One of my pet peeves (I have many) is when people post really gross looking food on social media sites. Now I am no culinary expert, in fact I’ve burned spaghetti before, but I just want people to really gain an awareness for the way their meals looks before posting them for all the world to see. This blog understands where I am coming from and is so good and so bad at the same time.

2. I am very proud of being a feminist and I love immersing myself in stuff about women. The thing that is sometimes hard for me to remember is the importance of recognizing men’s issues and how closely related they are to women’s issues and the fight for gender equality. NPR’s series called Men in America is so good and has been really eye-opening for me.

3. I am a very private person, even with people who are closest to me it’s hard for me to open up and share things about myself. I think that is why I love StoryCorps so much, because the fact that these people can sit down and tell their stories to share with the world is amazing. Seriously, sometimes I just sit and listen to stories for hours and cry and laugh. It’s one of the best things on the internet in my opinion.

4. As I mentioned above, I am a total feminist, so I love all things that empower women. When I came across Made With Code, I was overjoyed. It is part of google’s initiative to get more women and girls involved in computer coding. The site is really cool and you can make a cute little quote bracelet for free and the best part is that it’s coded by girls!

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