Bestiemoon Capital of The World

This year has been an epic year for traveling. I have reached a lot of my travel goals and this summer has been a blast! Me and one of my closest friends decided pretty randomly to take a weekend road trip to Niagara Falls. It was amazing: we ate good food, went to both sides of the falls, and participated in the attractions which included taking a boat into the falls and walking up and touching the falls. We had plenty of quality time together which was really the best part!


Black, Gray, and Red All Over

My job is starting to pick up more now that the school year is beginning and I’ve been having a lot of external meetings which means businessifying my mostly casual work wear. And by businessifying, I mean putting on a blazer.

red-pants-black3 red-pants-black2 red-pants-black

Black Lives Matter


I am so incredibly sad about the Mike Brown situation. And it’s the same sadness I feel about Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner and Oscar Grant and Sean Bell and Jordan Davis and every lil Black boy or girl who has met the same fate. It hurts my heart to know that people can’t see the beauty and value in Black people that I know so well to be true about myself and many of my loved ones. I feel afraid to raise Black kids in this country and I feel afraid for the Black kids that I work with everyday in Baltimore City.  I hope that this country and this world can find love and respect for the beauty of Blackness and all other shades.

This wonderfully written article really clearly articulates how I feel:

“As a black person in America, it’s getting exhausting to still have to explain, in the year 2014, your right to exist in this country. To explain that you are a human being whose value sits no lower than anyone else’s. To explain our basic humanity. And perhaps worst of all, to explain exactly why we are outraged.”

I’m holding all families affected by preventable violence in love and light.

Black Lives Sign

Charm City Champs: Reed Bmore’s Wire Art

I’ve lived in Baltimore for a few years now and it is very dear to my heart. I think it’s a place with a lot of potential but it often gets a bad rep. Don’t get me wrong, we have a lot of issues to solve in this city but I want to focus on just how charming Charm City can be.

I love art and creativity and Baltimore, so naturally this guy’s work appealed to me. The guy I am referring to is known as Reed Bmore and he creates these super cool wire sculptures which he hangs in various places around Baltimore City. His wire creations look like sketches and I am completely amazed at his talent. I have tried crafting things out of wire before and they are neither recognizable or nice-looking, so I’ve got a ton of respect for Reed’s abilities. One of the things that initially drew me to Baltimore city and keeps me excited about it is the artsy look and feel of this place. Thanks for making our city a little more interesting, Reed!

Girl Power! Cinderella, Lego, NBA


I am a feminist and it’s a very important part of my self-identity. When I come across awesome and empowering Girl Power! news, I want to share it.

These are a few things that have caught my eye recently:

1) Keke Palmer, who just recently became the youngest talk show host ever with her show Just Keke is making history again by becoming Broadway’s first Black Cinderella. How awesome is this? I mean seriously, I love it Keke is proving age, skin color, and gender stereotypes wrong and it is such an inspiration!

2) Lego, which has often been criticized for making “gender-specific” toy sets, was sent a letter by an angry girl who wanted to see more female Lego characters in diverse roles (go girl!). This letter prompted them to release a set with three female Lego scientists. The set has sold out everywhere and is a huge hit. Personally, I can’t believe that Lego did not have this realization on their own that woman can and do do the same things as men and that they should represent that. I hope that his toy set inspires Lego and other toy companies to continue making more like this!

3) Becky Hammon made history as she will become the first female assistant coach for the San Antonio, how cool is that? As a woman who played sports often but not seriously when growing up, I feel frustrated by how male-dominated the sports world is. Women have a lot to contribute to sports and I am glad to see a door opening for women in major sports entities such as the NBA.

Girls Quote

Charm City Champs: Baltimore’s Water Wheel


I’ve lived in Baltimore for a few years now and it is very dear to my heart. I think it’s a place with a lot of potential but it often gets a bad rep. Don’t get me wrong, we have a lot of issues to solve in this city but I want to focus on just how charming Charm City can be.

I hate littering. It is one of my biggest pet peeves and it really hurts my heart how carelessly we have become in regards to our earth/environment. Having lived in or around a city for my whole life, I am no stranger to litter being all around. I do my part to never litter and to encourage others around me not to litter, but I often wish there were larger initiatives against littering and more education about the damage that litter does to the earth. When I came across this article about Baltimore’s water wheel that is taking litter out of the water in the Inner Harbor, I was pleased and very proud of Baltimore! I hope more initiatives like this continue to pop up in Baltimore city and in other cities around the world. Go Bmore!

Styleation: Red, Gold, and Blue

I always have this urge to wear these a denim shirt and red pants together but I worry that it will look too patriotic which is never really a look that I am going for (except maybe on 4th of July). I figured that if I added some gold in the mix that nobody would mistake me for an American flag. I think it turned out pretty well.

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (1)

photo 1 (2)

Inspiration: Making A Home

Whenever I live somewhere I like to make it very homey, I’ve done it with my dorm rooms, with my first apartment and I’ve started to do it with my current apartment. Now that we’ve been living in it officially for a year, I really want to put more effort into making it a space that I really love. We have a lot of hand-me down random pieces of furniture and we don’t have any money to spend on new stuff, so I am interested in figuring out what we can do with our existing stuff to make it go together better and better fit our style. I am thinking I want to paint some things and definitely want to hang up more art. Here are some things/spaces that are currently inspiring me:






eclectic colorful living room | B/W and blue living room | geometric prints | colorful gallery wall