Cogitation: August Goals


I don’t even want to talk about the fact that it is August already or the fact that this summer has flown by at the speed of sound. Like seriously, I can’t even fathom this glorious hot weather coming to an end. Anywho, I have had a pretty awesome summer so far and I have a jam-packed August to look forward to, let’s get to these goals.

So how did I do in July?

1) Sew something: I did it! I made this really cute and easy lace shirt. It’s not perfect but I am proud of myself for completing this goal and for using my sewing machine for the first time since I got it several years ago (I know, shame on me)!
2) Go carb-free for at least one week to see how my body feels: Done! Okay it was not carb free because that is really hard but it was very low carb and I did cheat one day when I was PMSing hard and I “needed” rice in the form of a Chipotle bowl. But it was challenging and my body did feel better and less weighed down without carbs.
3) Go to hot yoga at least twice: Half-way done. Okay so originally I thought I loved hot yoga and now I kind of hate it haha, but I have this Groupon that I need to use, so I am going to finish it out and be done with it. I went once this month and I am going to try to go a couple of times in August. In other fitness news, me and the BF signed up for gym memberships and for the first time in my life I have been motivated to go!

These are the things I hope happen in August:

1) Blog 5 days a week for the whole month & be a better blog reader (be more engaged and leave more comments on blog posts I like)
2) No clothing, shoes, accessories shopping
3) Make at least 10 crochet items
4) Stairs only, no elevators (unless it’s absolutely necessary like I need to go to the 18th floor or something)

 flower image


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