Girl Power! Cinderella, Lego, NBA


I am a feminist and it’s a very important part of my self-identity. When I come across awesome and empowering Girl Power! news, I want to share it.

These are a few things that have caught my eye recently:

1) Keke Palmer, who just recently became the youngest talk show host ever with her show Just Keke is making history again by becoming Broadway’s first Black Cinderella. How awesome is this? I mean seriously, I love it Keke is proving age, skin color, and gender stereotypes wrong and it is such an inspiration!

2) Lego, which has often been criticized for making “gender-specific” toy sets, was sent a letter by an angry girl who wanted to see more female Lego characters in diverse roles (go girl!). This letter prompted them to release a set with three female Lego scientists. The set has sold out everywhere and is a huge hit. Personally, I can’t believe that Lego did not have this realization on their own that woman can and do do the same things as men and that they should represent that. I hope that his toy set inspires Lego and other toy companies to continue making more like this!

3) Becky Hammon made history as she will become the first female assistant coach for the San Antonio, how cool is that? As a woman who played sports often but not seriously when growing up, I feel frustrated by how male-dominated the sports world is. Women have a lot to contribute to sports and I am glad to see a door opening for women in major sports entities such as the NBA.

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