Black Lives Matter


I am so incredibly sad about the Mike Brown situation. And it’s the same sadness I feel about Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner and Oscar Grant and Sean Bell and Jordan Davis and every lil Black boy or girl who has met the same fate. It hurts my heart to know that people can’t see the beauty and value in Black people that I know so well to be true about myself and many of my loved ones. I feel afraid to raise Black kids in this country and I feel afraid for the Black kids that I work with everyday in Baltimore City.  I hope that this country and this world can find love and respect for the beauty of Blackness and all other shades.

This wonderfully written article really clearly articulates how I feel:

“As a black person in America, it’s getting exhausting to still have to explain, in the year 2014, your right to exist in this country. To explain that you are a human being whose value sits no lower than anyone else’s. To explain our basic humanity. And perhaps worst of all, to explain exactly why we are outraged.”

I’m holding all families affected by preventable violence in love and light.

Black Lives Sign


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