Animalz in Da Houze

In my pinterest/DIY blog perusing I have seen a ton of projects that incorporated plastic animals. So one day (like a year ago) I walked into Dollar Tree and saw a bunch of plastic animals. I picked them up thinking I would do something with them.

Between that time and me finishing this project I spray painted the animals in the blistering cold–dumb idea they got weird and sticky and then I let them be until about 2 weeks ago when I sanded them as best as I could and re-sprayed them. Then me and my mom sawed them in half with some old rusty saws from her garage. I let them sit for a few more weeks days and I picked up a decorative wood thing from the craft store. I slapped a couple of layers of gray paint on it and hammered a thingy onto it so that I could hang it to the wall.

A couple days later, I glued the half animals onto it in a random order and let it dry. Once it was dry I ran out to the living room to show it off to my bf and then I got lazy and let it sit in the living room for about two weeks. I finally hung it up yesterday. So after more than 380something days–give or take– I finally have a cool piece of art that’s totally unique and quirky and finished and hanging on my wall. So now, in addition to my collection of real, live animals–4 snakes, 1 frog, 2 toads, 1 fish–I officially have 7 more pets now, right? Yay!



Inspiration Images: 1 | 2


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