Capsule Wardrobe Phase 1: Winter

So, here’s my biggest New Years resolution: I am doing a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is basically a limited wardrobe to encourage minimalism and less spending. So far my favorite example of a capsule wardrobe is on the blog UnFancy–and she explains capsule wardrobes much better than I do.

People chose all different number of items and guidelines for their capsules. Some people do 10 items, some do 33, some do 37 and so and so forth.

Here’s why I am doing this:

  • I shop too much. I really wear mostly my favorite pieces over and over so what is the point of having all the extra? I also recognize that I sometimes use shopping as a coping mechanism when I am sad, lonely, stressed, etc.
  • I want to learn to live more simply. I have a slight addiction to having stuff–not just clothing, stuff in general. There is so much more to this world than material things and I want to learn to use the things I have or get rid of them.
  • I need to save money. The less I shop, the more I will save and learning to do more with less will help me save money/resources in all areas of my life.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • I haven’t settled on a hard number yet. The maximum wardrobe number I have in my mind is 45 pieces (per season)–I have done a couple rounds of closet purges and I am down to 50, which is pretty impressive. This number will likely fluctuate from season to season and until I get used to living minimally.
  • A season lasts 3 months. Winter is December-February, Spring is March-May, Summer is June- August, and Fall is September-November.
  • I am not including: shoes, jewelry, bags, scarves, other accessories into the count. Nor am I including: pajamas, workout clothes, leggings, camis and other layering items. However the goal is to keep these things to a minimum and in general to not keep things I am not wearing. For example I don’t need to have 25 camis.
  • No shopping during the season except for during the last two weeks when things can be purchased for the next season if necessary.
  • I also want to work on trying to shop ethically and investing in higher quality pieces.

So here’s a visual representation of my Winter 2015 capsule (not using my actual stuff, but things that are similar). So overall I have: 11 bottoms, 33 tops, 6 dresses.

Winter 2015 Dresses
Winter 2015 Sweaters and Shirts
2015 Winter Bottoms
Winter 2015 Coats and Blazers

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