Hey, I am Eliseba (El-say-ba). I’m a 25-year old Social Worker who lives in Baltimore.

This is my space dedicated to some things I wear, some stuff I make, some places I go, and some things I think about & am inspired by. I am totally into arts, crafts, DIY, fashion/style, music, reading, and pondering the complexities of our country’s social issues, and a whole lot more.

Personal Social Media pages: Instagram | Pinterest

Also find my Baltimore positivity-spreading project at: FaceBook | Tumblr | Instagram


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    I’ve had the honour of being awarded the Fashionista Award for blogs with fashion, style and beauty posts blogs, it’s a chain blogger ‘game’ which allows us to get to know other blogs/bloggers and spread the thanks and recognition for work that we’ve appreciated.

    As yours is a blog I’ve enjoyed and admired I’ve put you down as one of my awardees with a shoutout. Whether you join in the game or not is totally upto you but I just wanted to let you know and say thank you for putting together a blog that interests and inspires.

    Full details can be found in my post here:



    (dapperdolly of fashionthatpays.wordpress.com)

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